Advent Calendar 2020 

 powered by Poetry in Business 

Every year in December, we invite people across the globe to join our Poetry in Business Advent Calendar - a one of a kind experience that stimulates creativity and wellbeing. This year we'll make you tap into a zen feeling - so that you enchant yourself and others during and beyond the season of Advent.

For who? Everyone who wants to connect with his or her creativity, stay agile and keep calm 

How it works: 

As of 1st of December, you'll get access to our digital Advent Calendar. Every day through 24th of December, you'll receive a customised digital mini-impulse. Our inspirational impulses contain interactive creativity tasks, feel-good recipes, bite-sized soulfood and much more. This year's special theme is "inner strength, creativity & wellbeing". Vera Bachner, a virtuoso in Asian body philosophy, will join us and provide her hand-picked recipes for wellbeing. 

Our weekly focus:

w#1 - Feel Free & Bright 

w#2 - Refresh & Delight 

w#3 - Find Clarity & Joy 

w#4 - Inner & Outer Glow 

What you'll get out of it: 

* 24 days of customised artistic creativity  

* A glorious zen feeling beyond Advent 

* Many precious moments of bliss   

Costs: € 4.50 x 24 

Look, a butterfly.  
Did you make a wish?  
(Louise Gluck, Butterfly)