2CG® Feelgood

Poetry in Business & MyTalkShop.club

Now is the best time to revitalise and refresh - we're opening our magical toolbox again! Join the next episode of the 2CG® Feelgood Series: Gorilla & GentlenessThe unique combination of poetry and qigong practice will help you connect with your intuition and define your powerful self.


When: 15 March, 19.00-21.00 via Zoom 

Cost:   30,00 euros for MyTalkShop.club members; 45,00 euros for non-members

About the session theme: 

In the human world, we often refer to alpha males – and alpha companies - as gorillas. We tend to equate their physical strength, size and (market) power with prestige and leadership qualities. In the animal kingdom, gorilla dominance and eccentricities are displayed as a worthless show. Badly-behaved gorillas are excluded, even attacked, by their mates.

In our upcoming 2CG® Feelgood session, we are going to explore the caring, subtle and sociable side of gorillas. With the help of qigong bodywork and the metaphorical power of poetry, we will find out how we can be strong and powerful by displaying gentleness and developing empathy.

We invite you to

  • feel your power

  • define your strength

  • live it with gentleness