2CG® Feelgood

Poetry in Business & MyTalkShop.club

Live Online Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop 

Train your future skills with the 2CG® approach! 

Date: 7 February, 19.00-21.00 via zoom 

Special offer: 30,00 euros for MyTalkShop.club members: 45,00 euros for non-members 



Feel good and at ease!

Now is the best time to revitalise and refresh! Join our next episode of the 2CG® Feelgood Series. The unique combination of poetry and qigong practice will make you feel brandnew, lit up and present! We're opening our magical toolbox again!

This time, the firefly will inspire us to

  • light ourselves up

  • shine from within to the outside world

  • add a touch of elegance + beauty to our body & being