Poetry in Business/2CG® is continually advanced and enhanced with a team of artists, philosophers, researchers, communication experts, CoP facilitators, and users. 

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Christina is the founder of TalkShop/2CG®, Poetry in Business and Lab 21. As a social learning strategist, facilitator of communities of practice, and university lecturer she has conceptualised and facilitated numerous face-to-face, online and blended learning projects with customers and project partners in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Africa, and Nepal.

Christina's purpose has always been to build the bridge between research and practice, thereby facilitating social learning processes in communities of practice where people explore new ways of thinking and doing. Her passion for art, her family's friendship with famous artists, and the strong need for disruptive creative formats drive her to combine "poetry and business". 


Check out Christina's personal website, her business blogand connect her on LinkedIn.


Christian studied contemporary puppetry and art at the Ernst Busch University in Berlin. As a professional puppeteer, he has been developing puppetry play concepts for various big theatres and famous opera houses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, ranging from Casper and Frankenstein to complex puppet constructions. Christian's repertoire includes avantgarde Bauhaus installations, drama and opera, and he also has a strong interest in historical puppet theatre.


Theatre puppets are ideal to help us unlock our creative potential and fantasy. A puppet character can help us understand and create our real life environment - be it our organisational culture or our private life.

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Robin Boss studied law, economics and philosophy at renowned international Business Schools and Universities of the Arts.  


In his job, he has been developing management concepts and implementation strategies, with a focus on Artificial Intelligences and Human Beings.


Robin's repertoire includes avantgarde creativity techniques, mathematics and historical as well as future developments.

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"Reality is an interpretation of fantasy. Images become music ... " We are happy to announce that Camilla Klose, Viennese violinist withTurkish roots, will play at our upcoming Poetry in Business "Premiere" event!


Camilla has been in love with her violin since the age of four and is known for the mesmerizing effect she has on her audience all over the world, from Vienna to Germany, Italy, Turkey and the US. She will enchant us with her exquisite violin play to electronic beats and poetic text.

Special Guest

Vera grew up in the Austrian countryside and has always been close to nature. After attending the school for beauty and make-up in Vienna she discovered her passion for Asian philosophies of wellbeing. Her decision to make this passion her profession has taken her to Japan, China, Nepal, India and Africa where she has been trained as shiatsu and qi gong practitioner. Vera is self-employed and cooperates with a medical centre in Vienna’s first district.

Gladly, Vera contributes her extensive know-how and experience to our Poetry in Business Advent Calendar 2020. 

Special Guest

Michael lives and works as visual artist and writer in Vienna. He holds a degree in business economics. In his multimedia-based work he explores the affinities between images and language, between the making of art and reviewing it. Michael develops his individual perspectives within the complex relations between word and image, body, person and language, which he captures in a playfully reduced aesthetic. He is interested in the way contemporary art is assigned meaning from outside: what is being interpreted and brought about by formulating, why and by whom? What is attributed to the artist and what is demanded from him? Michael works with a form of poetic textual criticism; his multifaceted work oscillates between quick jokes and profound analysis.

Courtesy: Eva Kelety

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Special Guest

Emilia is Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO) at a corporate entity. Her job is to inspire people and to make sure that they come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

In our Poetry in Business workshops, Emilia supports management and teams in exploring new ways of thinking. Emilia was created by Michaela Studeny and is member of Figuren-Atelier and Lab 21.

Meet Emilia in our featured Lab 21 interview!

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Special Guest


Michaela has a professional background in social work but has always cultivated her love for theatre and puppetry. She has been working as an actress and puppeteer for many years. Michaela also builds puppets and works for the Vienna Volksoper, the Urania puppet theatre in Vienna, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation as well as some smaller theatres. With her Figuren-Atelier, Michaela has produced several shows for young audiences.

Poetry in Business has been working with Michaela's creation Emilia, Chief Wellbeing Officer.

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Special Guest

Georg studied biomedicine, psychology, communications management and economics. He works as an artist but is definitely passionate about scientific topics and the arts. As a trained puppeteer and impro theatre expert, Georg has appeared in numerous shows in the US, the UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Georg's current main goal is to make scientific topics accessible to the younger generations. Since 2012, he has been starring in several puppet shows for children in Austrian TV.

For Poetry in Business, Georg gives his voice to Emilia, Chief Wellbeing Officer. 

Courtesy: Stefanie Hummer

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Special Guest

Life has given Mae immense opportunity for travel – she grew up in the Philippines, United States, and Africa where she completed her studies of educational science at the University of Namibia. Her Turkish husband then swept her off her feet to Vienna where she has spent almost 30 years filled with work experience in the culturally diversified environment of the United Nations.

May finds herself today in the world of creative journaling, which gives her a place where she can generate symbiotic energies of her cross-cultural life experiences.  Mae is a regular guest in our TalkShop sessions.

Special Guest

Neil is originally from West Cork, Ireland. He graduated from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and began writing poetry soon after. His poems have appeared in dozens of international journals. He has a passion for travel and has so far featured as a guest speaker in literary festivals, conferences, Fringe festivals etc. in Australia, the US, Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria. In 2018, his full debut collection, Stopgap Grace, was published. 

Neil now lives in Vienna and gives our business workshops a magic touch. His poems inspire participants to think out of the box. (Clock on the Wall)

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Special Guest

Joe lives in Canada where he distributes his time between content technologies and management & organizational design. A surprise to some, and a shock to others, in his technology milieu, his early university education featured history, literature and mathematics in his undergrad and a Master of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Older and perhaps wiser now, he takes every opportunity to either disappear into the deep rain forests along the wild and rugged pacific coast or to jump into digital collaborations with people all over the world. Having grown up in various locations across Canada, Britain and Germany, Joe continues with his peripatetic ways, travelling the globe in pursuit of his business and educational interests.

Special Guest


Hermine was born in the Netherlands and worked in Switzerland as a physical therapist before coming to Vienna where she founded her own practice for body- and energy work two decades ago. Taught by Chinese Grandmaster Jiang Xueying, she became a certified Chan Mi Qi Gong teacher. Learning and practicing on various subjects like Shiatsu, Kundalini Yoga, Dance and Tai Chi, it is movement in all its aspects and the exchange with people that drives her.

Hermine is co-author of "A Life in Service", a book she wrote together with her Native American teacher and friend Mala Spotted Eagle. To combine the knowledge and experience from over the years is a source of joy and fulfillment for her.

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Gabriela holds an MA in translation studies from the University of Vienna and has specialized in intercultural communication studies. Her focus is on the development of personal intercultural competence (CQ) and migration pedagogy.  The combination of working for international enterprises, teaching at universities and participating in research projects has proven to be an important asset for us. Gabriela has always been passionate about theater, performing arts and literature. With a firm belief in the significance of supporting creativity, expression and imagination in (young) people, she has been using improv theatre, creative writing and performing arts in her role as a teacher for many years.

Courtesy: Bernhard Schramm



Anna Bochkova is a visual artist from Russia and based in Vienna and Hamburg. After her studies of stage design at Moscow Theatre Art University, textual sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and sulpture at HFBK Hamburg, she works mostly sculptural with a focus on space and narratives.

Anna reflects on the themes of memory, solidarity, migration and societal structures. Through her research, she creates heterotopias, which become worlds within worlds, so these conceptual spaces build up a stage for critical reflection and questioning of existing hierarchies.

Courtesy: Valerie Habsburg